The website of writer J. A. Bernstein


“Gassed,” Sargent, 1919

Welcome to “Writing War.” I’ve created this site to offer soldiers and veterans some avenues for writing, and, of course, to shamelessly promote myself. This page is divided into three sections. The Veterans Section provides advice and links for those, especially soldiers, who are looking to make sense of the world’s horrors and offer some truthful accounting, which the world most certainly needs. The Vegan Section is my platform for preaching and offers links to interesting developments in the struggle for animal liberation, as the more ardent among us term it. The Author Bio and Writings Section is my own crass attempt at publicity. Given my aversion to self-disclosure, you’ll have to excuse the pertness of this site. I, like most upstanding authors, and good citizens, for that matter, would like to think that everything I have to say can be expressed in print. Unfortunately, The New Yorker hasn’t seen fit to publish my angry screeds about combat, much less my vegan manifestos or pleas for the Workers’ Revolt.

If you would like to reach me, you can contact me at the following address: joshua [dot] bernstein [at]